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Henslow`s Sparrow found by Doug McRae, Mark Peck and Amy Whitear on 27 July 2009 at Paskwachi Point, which is 2.7 km southeast of Longridge Point. This is the first record for Northern Ontario and the most northerly record anywhere at 51 degrees north latitude.

Henslow`s Sparrow sang continuously on 27, 28 and 29 July. Photo: 28 July 2009.

Henslow`s Sparrow on 28 July 2009.


The Henslow`s Sparrow sang from last year's dead stalks of Western Dock (Rumex occidentalis) in this extensive dry prairie-like meadow between the high tide mark and edge of the boreal forest.


Le Conte`s Sparrows were common in the large sedge marsh interspersed with drier areas between camp and the edge of the mudflats. 26 July 2009.


Le Conte's sang day and night, often from the same perches as the Nelson`s Sparrows below. 26 July 2009.


Nelson`s Sparrows (subspecies alter) were common in the large sedge marsh between camp and the tidal flats. They often sang from the same perches as Le Conte`s Sparrows such as small willows and Spotted Water-Hemlock or Cowbane (Cicuta maculata) as in above photo. 26 July 2009.


Large sedge meadow near camp interspersed with drier areas. Sparrows sang from low willows and tall wildflowers. 26 July 2009.


Nelson's Sparrows at James Bay (alter) average intermediate between the other two subspecies. They are more richly coloured than subvirgatus of the East Coast and less so than nominate nelsoni of Prairie Provinces.


I thank Don Sutherland (OMNR) for identifying Western Dock and Spotted Water-Hemlock wildflowers where sparrows perched.


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