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Probable Vega Gulls (left & right) and Black-tailed Gull (centre) at water treatment area in Osaka Bay on 26 September 2009. The left gull has a darker mantle and is larger than the Vega Gull on the right.

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Vega Gull showing darkish iris. Most Vega Gulls had irides with dark pigmentation.


 Vega Gull with pale yellow iris and worn primaries.


Probable juvenile Vega Gull at Osaka Bay on 26 September 2009


This gull had yellow legs and a dark iris. Is it Larus heuglini or L. cachinnans mongolicus? Osaka Bay on 26 September 2009.

Dark iris of above gull with bright yellow legs.


This gull had yellow-pink legs and may be Larus heuglini taimyrensis. Osaka Bay on 26 September 2009


Head close-up showing the iris of above gull, which may be L. h. taimyrensis.


Same gull on left with yellowish legs has darker mantle than Vega Gull on right.


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