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Peru - Amazon River Cruise - page 2

Amazon Discovery was our luxury floating hotel for six nights.


Children at school in San Francisco Village in Amazonas sang to us. Please click on photo or this link to see video.


The Amazon River was flooded after the rainy season. In March and April it is at its highest for navigation.


Everything was flooded. This is normal in the annual cycle of Amazonian life.


We explored the Amazon and its tributaries by skiff.


Green Iguana on 22 March 2016.


Red-bellied Macaw on 22 March 2016. Photo below shows red belly.


We visited a Manatee rescue centre where they rehabilitate injured and orphaned Manatees, hoping to release them back into the wild.


We got close views of the extraordinary faces of these gentle mammals. 21 March 2016


Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth


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