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American White Pelicans in supplemental plumage showing a black cap and hind neck on 16 July 2010. An increasing population breeds on James Bay.


High count was 126 on 1 August 2010. Photo Mark Peck.


Molting Western Meadowlark on 8 August. The James Bay coast is a vagrant trap.


Identified as Western Meadowlark by yellow on throat reaching malar (cheek) area, paler coloration, sides more spotted than streaked.

Juvenile Gray Jay, a regular visitor to camp. This all dark plumage is retained for two to three months and often confuses people who are not aware of it.


Juvenile Peregrine Falcon on 15 August 2010. Photo Mark Peck.


Molting adult Little Gull. Photo Doug McRae


Juvenile Little Gull on 3 August. On 2 August, at this same location, Don Sutherland and I watched a juvenile Little Gull begging from a adult, suggesting it hatched nearby in the Hudson Bay Lowlands.


Juvenile Little Gull on rock and juvenile Bonaparte's Gull. Both species breed in the Hudson Bay Lowlands. 3 August 2010. In James Bay, juvenile Little Gulls have been confused with juvenile Black-legged Kittiwakes because both show a collar and a dark M shape on the upperparts in flight. Kittiwakes are very rare in Hudson and James Bays.


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