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Christian Friis spotted this adult dead Beluga on 22 July 2010 on the east side of the base of Longridge.


On 25 July, Christian found a very small dead Beluga about 4 km northwest of the first above. Photo 26 July Mark Peck.


On 10 August, Doug McRae found another very small dead Beluga near the tip of Longridge. On 12 August, Mike McMurtry (OMNR) took issue samples for toxicology and DNA testing. We wondered how these three Belugas died. Photo Doug McRae.


River Otter west of Longridge on 23 July. Photo Mark Peck.


Because Black Bears had plenty of natural food such as berries, they did not bother our camp. This bear lived on the ridge 0.5 km from camp and we saw it every day.


Harbor Seal at tip of Longridge on 4 August found by Doug McRae. At first we weren't sure of the ID, then Ian Sterling, a marine mammal expert, advised that it is a Harbor Seal. Photo Doug McRae.


Also a Harbor Seal on 15 August.


Lisa first spotted this Woodland Caribou. Very wary, it ran away when it picked up our scent. 19 July 2010.


Short-tailed Weasel explored our cabin on 29 July.

Very young Snowshoe Hare on 30 July.


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