Point Pelee 2010 page 2

Rosebud at Point Pelee. 15 May 2010


Sandhill Crane walked out at Hillman Marsh and was mobbed by gulls and terns. Brown stained plumage is from iron oxide in the mud where the birds feed, usually on the wintering grounds Then they preen and spread mud all over their plumage. 7 May 2010.


The Tip of Point Pelee washed away after being pounded by waves whipped up by strong west winds. 8 May 2010.


Northern Watersnake at Big Creek, Amherstberg, at White-faced Ibis location. 8 May 2010


White-faced Ibis in probable first alternate plumage at Big Creek, Amhersberg, on 9 May 2010.


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on nest in Tilden's Woods, Point Pelee. 10 May 2010.


Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Point Pelee on 12 May 2010.


Hundreds of swallows were grounded on the East Beach by bad weather on 8 May.