Point Pelee 2010 Page 3

Three White Pelicans, two adults on right in alternate (breeding) plumage with raised plate on upper mandible. Left bird is probably in first alternate plumage. Hillman Marsh on 18 May 2010.


Laughing Gull in definitive alternate plumage (adult breeding) on East Beach on 12 May 2010


White-eyed Vireo at Point Pelee on 18 May 2010


Male Orchard Oriole at Point Pelee. 18 May 2010


This Northern Mockingbird was at the Tip on a very windy cool 18 May and quickly moved north.


Blackburnian Warbler at Point Pelee on 19 May 2010.


This Blackburnian Warbler was preening. See oil gland at base of tail. Spread tail shows the distinctive tail pattern. Point Pelee on 19 May 2010.


Eastern Towhee singing its Drink your teeeee song. Point Pelee on 19 May 2010.


See also two Kirtland's Warblers and a California Gull at Wheatley Harbour