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Upland Sandpiper on Wylie Road on 30 May 2010.


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Wilson's Snipe on Wylie Road. 28 May 2010


Female Bobolink on Wylie Road. 28 May 2010


Large Blanding's Turtle sunning itself. Blanding's have a yellow throat and a high domed carapace. Great Blue Heronry Marsh on Shrike Road on 28 May 2010


We moved this Blanding's to the side of Wylie Road at the Sedge Wren Marsh. It's probably a female wanting to lay eggs in the sandy road edge. 28 May 2010.


Then we found another basking in the middle of Shrike Road near the Carden Carwash on the Talbot River. 28 May 2010.


Great Blue Heronry on Shrike Road has about 12 nests. Most have young. 30 May 2010


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Carden Alvar Birding Guide - by Ron Pittaway