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Cattle on Windmill Ranch, Wylie Road on 11 June 2010. In Carden, cattle grazing on large ranches enhances grassland habitat for Loggerhead Shrikes and grassland birds.


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Fledged young Loggerhead Shrike on 11 June 2010. Digiscoped from a public road. In Carden, Loggerhead Shrikes usually nest in areas actively grazed or recently grazed by cattle.


Wilson's Snipe on Wylie Road on 11 June 2010


Sedge Wren sang incessantly at Sedge Wren Marsh on Wylie Road, 11 June 2010


Thanks to John Schmelefske and Susan Menzies who spotted this Black-billed Cuckoo flying across Wylie Road on 11 June. Cuckoos are common this year because of tent caterpillars, which they eat.


Milbert's Tortoiseshell on vetch. Wylie Road on 11 June 2010


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