Algonquin Park Sightings

Adult Great Gray Owl seen on the Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) trip to Algonquin Park on 20 April 2013 at km 25 near the Track and Tower exit on Highway 60. Thanks to Ron Tozer who led the trip, with assistance from Kevin Clute, Justin Peter, Ian Shanahan and Dawn Sherman. What a team!


Eleanor Beagan feeding a Boreal Chickadee at Spruce Bog Boardwalk. Feeding from the hand is exceptional for this species.


This Boreal Chickadee came readily to people's hands, landing on arms, cameras and cell phones. Keen young and older birders were thrilled to see it up close. 20 April 2013.


Male Spruce Grouse eating spruce needles high in tree. 20 April 2013.


It snowed on and off all day, which likely concentrated birds and contributed to our great sightings.


On Sunday, 21 April 2013. Kevin Clute found this Great Gray Owl at km 37 near Pog Lake sign on Highway 60. Thanks Kevin.


Link to Eastern Wolves and Moose Carcass in Algonquin Park