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Jeff Isaac of the Moose Cree First Nation recording Red Knot flags at Little Piskwamish on the southwest coast of James Bay on 9 August 2014

Please see video: Surveying Red Knots on James Bay


In summer 2014, the Canadian Wildlife Service, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Bird Studies Canada in cooperation with the Moose Cree First Nation operated three shorebird camps in Western James Bay: Little Piskwamish Point, Longridge Point and North Point. I was at Little Piskwamish from 30 July to 13 August. Longridge Point is 60 km from Moosonee and North Point is 25 km north of Moosonee. Little Piskwamish Point is between these two camps at about 47 km north of Moosonee.


Little Piskwamish Crew 30 July to 13 August 2014

My crew mates were great companions at camp and on the mudflats.Their dedication to shorebird conservation was remarkable.

Brendan Kelly of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Darrell Isaac of Moose Factory, Moose Cree First Nation


Doug McRae of Brighton, Ontario

Eleanor Zurbrigg of Ottawa, Ontario


Hellen Fu of Toronto, Ontario

James Kennerley of Suffolk, England


Jean Iron of Toronto, Ontario

Jeff Isaac of Moose Factory, Moose Cree First Nation


Lisa Pollock of Peterborough, Ontario

Mark Peck (crew leader), Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto


Jeff and Darrell Isaac joined our crew on 5 August. A great asset to our shorebird surveys, they also taught us much about Cree culture.


Every day we headed out to do shorebird surveys and read flags on Red Knots. Some went south up to 9 km each way looking for Red Knots, others went north about 5 km each way. Left to right: Eleanor Zurbrigg, Mark Peck (front), Doug McRae, Lisa Pollock, Hellen Fu, Brendan Kelly and James Kennerley. 4 August 2014.


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