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When Darrell and Jeff arrived they tamed the camp Canada Jays. Five at a time came to their feeding station.


Juvenile Canada Jay


Fresh Juvenile Little Gull likely hatched nearby in the Hudson Bay Lowlands. 11 August 2014.


Juvenile Swainson's Thrush at camp on 1 August 2014.


Jeff (right) showing Eleanor how to pick Sweet Grass, which is a ceremonial plant to First Nation peoples.


Darrell and Jeff Isaac read this to our shorebird crew on our last evening together

I would like to say a few words before we part on our separate ways. Well, coming from the both of us we would just love to thank you all for your warm hospitality here at Piskwamish. You certainly are an awesome group of people.

Your passionate study of the James Bay birds was definitely an inspiration to the both of us, Darrell and Jeff. Being out there with Doug, Eleanor, Jean, James, Brendan, Hellen, Lisa and especially Mark, we thank you individually on taking the time to share your knowledge and teach us the several types of shorebirds living off the James Bay coast. You inspired both of us in so many ways on continuing our own bird study. With your knowledge and teachings we learned to recognize not just shorebirds, but different kinds of species of birds living on our homelands, such as Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs. I personally only knew one which was the yellowlegs. LOL! But now we know Least Sandpipers, Hudsonian Godwits, Black-bellied Plovers, Dunlin, White-rumps, Semipalmated Sandpipers, Marbled Godwit, Ruddy Turnstone. Now I could go on along with the other bird species, but certainly we are going to miss heading out on the search for Red Knots and different colour-coded flags.

The challenge was rewarding and appreciating so again we thank you so very much.



Little Piskwamish camp was our base for the shorebird surveys. We are indebted to the Moose Cree First Nation owners, Marilyn and Mark on right, for allowing us to use their comfortable hunt camp. The family of Darrell and Jeff on left own the camp at East Point, Hannah Bay, where I stayed last year.


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