Point Pelee 2018 Highlights

This Black-billed Magpie thrilled everyone at Point Pelee. It was first reported by me on Wednesday 16 May 2018 as it flew east over north end of main parking lot then flew south. Other observers saw it just before this as it flew south over Cactus Field. Later in the day others found it on the West Beach, at the Tip and over Sparrow Field. On subsequent days it was seen many times, especially at Sparrow Field. Photo: 20 May 2018


VIDEO: Black-billed Magpie flying right over

Horned Grebes were in good numbers and in various plumages at the Tip of Point Pelee. 28 April 2018

VIDEO: Horned Grebes fishing off the Tip of Point Pelee


Horned Grebe still molting into breeding plumage, possibly a first summer plumage bird, i.e. hatched in 2018. 28 April 2018. Click on photo for video


Grasshopper Sparrow on 13 May 2018


Sedge Wren at the Tip of Point Pelee 13 May 2018


Lincoln's Sparrow on Woodland Trail on 13 May 2018

LINK: Lincoln's Sparrow preening and quietly singing its sweet song.


White-crowned Sparrow with grey lores is suggestive of the gambelii subspecies from the west. However the bill looks pinkish (leucophrys) as opposed to yellow-orange (gambelii) This is likely an intergrade from the Hudson Bay coast where the subspecies overlap.


A first summer female Kirtland's Warbler was at Serengeti Tree on West Beach trail on 17 May 2018.


It was unperturbed by the people watching it. Note brownish primaries.


Turkey Vultures near Sparrow Field on 20 May 2018


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