Toronto's Gulls in Winter 2003-2004

Scroll down for seven photos.

Photo 1. Definitive basic Kumlien's Iceland Gull, Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, 1 January 2004.

Photo 2. Third Basic Kumlien's Iceland Gull or Thayer's Gull?

Photo 3. Definitive basic Iceland Gull with no pigmentation in the wingtips.

Photo 4. First Winter (formative) Iceland Gull, Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, 11 January 2004, in a snow storm.

Photo 5. Definitive basic Thayer's Gull right, Herring Gull left at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto.

Photo 6. Second basic Thayer's Gull at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, 18 January 2004.

Iceland Gull wingtip variation

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