Antarctica Expedition Cruise - page 4

10-20 February 2018

lsle of Penguins - Cuverville Island and more

Gentoo Penguins at Paradise Harbour on 17 February


VIDEO: Cuverville Island Gentoos

Cuverville Island has a large Gentoo Penguin colony. 15 February


VIDEO: Gentoos and Skuas

South Polar Skuas were more numerous than the few Brown Skuas. The relationship between penguins and skuas is documented in the video. We saw this cautious relationship Gentoo Penguins have with South Polar Skuas, which live among the penguins, but are predators on penguin eggs and young when they are small chicks. Cuverville Island on 15 February 2018. 


Molting Gentoo at Cuverville Island on 15 February 2018.


Adult feeding young on Cuverville Island. 15 February 2018


Gentoos were very vocal. Cuverville Island on 15 February 2018.


These fluffy young Gentoos were among many that still need to molt into a new waterproof coat before winter sets in. Cuverville Island on 15 February 2018.


VIDEO: Fort Lockroy Interactions of penguins, people and sheathbills in Antarctica on 17 February 2018.

Coming ashore at Fort Lockroy


Sign at Port Lockroy.


Snowy Sheathbills are the only landbird breeding in Antarctica. They live among penguins, seabirds and fur seals. Not having webbed feed, they cannot feed in the ocean. They are proficient scavengers. Port Lockroy on 17 February 2018.



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