Sobralia is an epiphyte orchid growing wild at Brauilio Carillo, Costa Rica. It flowers only for one day every three to four months. Our Quest group was lucky it was flowering on 29 March 2010 when we visited the Rainforest Aerial Tram.


Sobralia grew on tall trees high up in the canopy. Seen from Aerial Tram at Brauilio Carillo.


Endangered Baird's Tapir is Central America's largest native land mammal, only found now in areas where it is protected from hunting. It has a long snout or proboscis. Rainforest Aerial Tram at Brauilio Carillo on 29 March 2010.


Non-venomous Blunt-headed Tree Snake rests during the day between two large leaves at Rainforest Aerial Tram on 29 March 2010.


Green Ibis at Sarapiqui River seen from our boat tour on 29 March 2010.


Spectacled Caiman on bank of Sarapiqui River on 29 March 2010.


Young Fasciated Tiger-Heron high up in nest. Sarapiqui River.

Great Green Macaws high in canopy beside Sarapiqui River


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