Quest Nature Tours

Costa Rica Extension 25-30 March 2010

After disembarking the Pacific Explorer, our first stop was the River Tarcoles, Costa Rica. Above: American Crocodile with Julia Heliconian butterfly. 25 March 2010.


Many thanks to our Quest participants for energy and enthusiasm spotting wildlife. We thank Humberto Hidalgo, our Costa Rican naturalist guide. 

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We saw at least 20 American Crocodiles basking along the banks of the River Tarcoles.


Ox cart at sugar plantation tour near Monteverde.


White-throated Robin at Selvatura on 26 March 2010


Female Resplendent Quetzal building a nest in a nest box at Selvatura.


Three-wattled Bellbird at Selvatura, a distant photo taken from bridge 4. 26 March 2010.


Male Purple-throated Mountain-Gem at Selvatura on 26 March 2010


Green Violet-Ear at Monteverde hummingbird feeders on 26 March 2010.


Bananaquit at Monteverde hummingbird feeders. 26 March 2010.


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