Alumni Expedition with Worldwide Quest

Iceland Circumnavigation Cruise 

19 to 29 June 2016 - page 1

Atlantic Puffin bringing sand eels to its young in the burrow on the island of Vigur in Iceland's Westfjords. 22 June 2016


Click on link for video of Atlantic Puffin carrying fish on Vigur on 22 June 2016


Many thanks to Laurielle Penny of Worldwide Quest for inviting me to lead this expedition cruise for the University of British Columbia Alumni. I thank all our participants for their enthusiasm, good humour, and energy, which made this trip an exciting adventure.


Vigur has the only windmill still in existence in Iceland.


Black Guillemots were common and approachable on Vigur. It was a treat to watch them up close. 22 June 2016.


Click to watch video of Black Guillemots


Common Redshanks were easy to see as a breeding shorebird everywhere we went in Iceland.


Eurasian Oystercatcher on Vigur at same spot as puffins on 22 June 2016.


Female Common Eider on Vigur where they nest everywhere and are protected from predators to ensure survival of female Eiders for down production. Several nests were very close to trail. 22 June 2016.


This Common Eider nest is from Skalanes on 26 June 2016. Collecting down is still big business in places such as Vigur and Skalanes.


Seal on Vigur on 22 June 2016.


Watching Atlantic Puffins on Vigur on 22 June 2016.


It's about 30 minutes boat ride from Isafjordur to the island of Vigur. 22 June 2016.


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