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Iceland - More Than Fire and Ice 


27 June to 7 July 2017 - page 1 of 8

Gyrfalcon is the national bird of Iceland and was a highlight of our exciting tour. We had superb looks at this grey morph, which is the typical form in Iceland. Lake Myvatn area on 2 July 2017.


I thank our Icelandic leader, Trausti Gunnarsson, for his expert knowledge and organization. The enthusiasm and camaraderie of each participant made this trip a delightful and fun adventure. Many thanks to Justin Peter of Quest Nature Tours for inviting me to lead this fantastic trip.

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Quest group at Thingvellir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site honouring the national plains where the Icelanders founded their first parliament in the 10th century.


Adult grey morph Gyrfalcon in Lake Myvatn area on 2 July 2017 - same as top photo providing another view of the plumage.


We were lucky with Gyrfalcons, spotting this one as we drove by on the main road in north Iceland. We viewed from the van on 1 July, Canada Day. It's another grey morph, with staining probably caused by the capture of its recent prey.


Pair of Whooper Swans with young cygnets at Bakkatjorn, Reykjavik on 27 June 2017. This lovely lake provides excellent close views of many species. Here's a link to the eBird checklist compiled by MC:


Hundreds of male Common Eiders gather on the coast to molt. They undergo a complete wing molt when they will be flightless and vulnerable for several weeks. They have left the females to raise the young. Snaefellsnes Peninsula on 29 June 2017.


Tucked in amongst these male Common Eiders is a rare male King Eider. Snaefellsnes Peninsula on 29 June 2017.


Scheuchzer's Cottongrass with its single spike.


Hairy Stonecrop on Hrisey Island on 3 July 2017


West Iceland


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