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Seabirds in Iceland

Atlantic Puffins atop the 120 metre cliffs at Dyrholaey in southern Iceland on 9 July 2014. Dyrholaey is an easily accessible and stunning puffin-watching spot. During the breeding season, puffins are close but perched on the edge of the cliffs. Stay back at a safe distance. It's a long way down.


 The arch at Dyrholaey


Svortuloft-Snaefellsnes Peninsula

We visited on 4 July 2014

 Three birds Common Murres (left) mixed with Thick-billed Murres (white lines on face) breeding on the cliffs at Svortuloft.


"Bridled" Common Murres: In this photo, the murres with a white eyering and line behind the eye are "Bridled" Common Murres. They are a morph of the Common Murre. The "Bridled" morph is more frequent in the northern range of the Common Murre.


Thick-billed Murres: Their breeding range extends farther north into the Arctic than Common Murres. Here at Svortuloft, they are breeding in the same seabird colonies as Common Murres.


 Razorbills: This is another alcid breeding on the cliffs at Svortuloft.


Black-legged Kittiwakes breeding at Svortuloft


Svortuloft lighthouse sits above the seabird cliffs. The waters around Svortuloft are treacherous to shipping.


Northern Fulmar


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