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Shorebirds in Iceland

Black-tailed Godwit on the breeding grounds in Iceland. Near Hauganes on 7 July.


 This banded European Golden-Plover at Dyrholaey was watching over a juvenile. 9 July.


Eurasian Oystercatcher with young chick near Reykjavik on 1 July.


Common Ringed Plover doing a broken wing tactic to distract us. We were walking on a coastal trail on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula on 4 July.


Banded adult Red-necked Phalarope on Flatey Island on 3 July. This shorebird is a common breeder in Iceland.


Juvenile Red-necked Phalarope still with down on its neck at Thingvellir National Park on 10 July.


Common Redshank is a common breeder in Iceland. This bird is watching over young on Flatey Island on 3 July.


Dunlin: The subspecies schinzii breeding in Iceland is smaller, shorter-billed, duller and much less rufous above than Dunlins in North America.


Whimbrel is a common breeder in Iceland. We saw them throughout our trip. Hrisey Island on 7 July.


The same bird as above, the European Whimbrel has a white rump and is known as the White-rumped Whimbrel, whereas North American Whimbrels have a brown rump


Purple Sandpiper on Hrisey Island, 7 July.


This Red Knot is likely a southbound migrant from Greenland or the Eastern Canadian High Arctic returning to its wintering grounds in Europe. Hrisey Island on 7 July.


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