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Natural History of Iceland

30 June to 10 July 2015

Snaefellsjokul on the Snafellsnes Peninsula on 2 July 2015


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We stopped frequently to explore and look at birds, wildflowers and scenery.


We enjoyed walking, breathing fresh air and appreciating stunning scenery


We saw 4 humpback Whales on our whale watching expedition from the small port of Hauganes in Eyjafjorour, the longest fjord in Iceland,  6 July.


The dorsal fin has unique markings that identify each whale


We were appropriately dressed in clothing that was warm and waterproof.




Irene and Jean


Our group at Kevlavik. Helgi Gudmundsson centre in blue checkered shirt was our Icelandic guide. He did an outstanding job of showing us the natural history of Iceland, all in good humour. I thank everyone for being enthusiastic, energetic, and good company. Martine was a delightful addition to our group. I thank Laurielle Penny and Justin Peter of Quest Nature Tour for inviting me to lead this tour to Iceland. The following pages show some highlights.


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