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Panama and Costa Rica Cruise 2010 - page 2

We entered the Panama Canal on the Caribbean side. Mules on each side guided the Pacific Explorer through three locks at Gatun.


The double lock gates opened after we had risen 85 feet (25.9 metres) to the level of Gatun Lake ahead. 18 March 2010.


Western Night-Monkeys at Embera Village, Playa de Muerto, Darien Jungle, on the Pacific coast of Panama on 19 March 2010


Snail Kite at Embera village, Playa de Muerto on 19 March 2010. Thanks to Lev Frid for ID.

Plain-breasted Ground-Dove at Embera village, Playa de Muerto, Panama. 19 March 2010.
Brownia Embera village, Playa de Muerto, Panama. 19 March 2010.

Urania Swallowtail Moth (Urania fulgens) is a diurnal moth that migrates huges distances. We see them every year on Coiba and along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Coiba, 20 March 2010.


White-faced Monkey at Coiba on 20 March 2010.


Disembarking by zodiac at the Embera village at Playa de Muerto, Darien, Panama on 19 March 2010.


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