Alkefjellet, Svalbard, has spectacular bird cliffs with breeding colonies of Thick-billed Murres and Black Guillemots.


About 100,000 Thick-billed Murres (Brunnich's Guillemots) breed tightly packed on ledges of the Alkefjellet cliffs.


Black Guillemots in breeding plumage show large white wing patches and bright red legs. Photo 27 July 2006.


The Dovekie (Little Auk) colony at the Polish Research Station, Horsund on south Spitsbergen, has over 100,000 birds. Photo 2 August 2006.



Atlantic Puffin on 26 July 2006.


We visited a Black-legged Kittiwake colony in a canyon. The chick is begging for more food on 1 August 2006.


Arctic Terns breed on Svalbard.

This tern chick is well advanced. Some Arctic Terns were still incubating eggs on 3 August 2006.


We saw Ivory Gulls where there were Polar Bears. The Ivory Gull above fed on a dead Sperm Whale below, which we discovered on 3 August 2006 at Bourbonhamna in south Spitsbergen.