The view from Ny-Alesund on Spitsbergen, the most northerly permanent settlement in Europe.


In some areas, tundra plant life was profuse, but in the polar desert, hardy arctic flowers were tiny, hardly bigger than a few centimetres across. See a selection of Svalbard's arctic plants below.



Svalbard Poppy

Moss Campion    


Nodding Saxifrage

Snow Buttercup    


Yellow Arctic Whitlow Grass

Mountain Avens



Tufted Saxifrage





We saw many Parasitic Jaegers (Arctic Skuas). This one had young on 31 July 2006.  
This Great Skua cruised open water near the bird cliffs at Alkefjellet on 30 July 2006.  
An adult Glaucous Gull takes a free ride on the ship. Photo 26 July 2006.  
Barnacle Geese breed on Svalbard. Photo 31 July 2006.  
Monaco Glacier