Akimiski Marbled Godwits

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Male Marbled Godwit 26 May 2008

Little is known about the James Bay breeding population of Marbled Godwits, which probably totals about 1500 individuals on the west coast of James Bay in Ontario, on Akimiski Island in Nunavut, and on the south coast of James Bay in Quebec.

Female Marbled Godwit on 26 May 2008


Bridget Olson, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah, and Adrian Farmer, US Geological Survey in Fort Collins, Colorado, came to Akimiski Island to put satellite transmitters on five Marbled Godwits. Bridget holds a male (left) and Adrian holds a female (right), which had been caught in mist nets. 27 May 2007.


The female (right) has a longer bill than the male (left). The male's bill is bright orange at the base, whereas the female's bill is paler  and pinker. Females average larger and heavier than males. 27 May 2008.


Bridget and Adrian attached a solar powered satellite transmitter to the backs of three female and two male Marbled Godwits to track their movements on the breeding grounds, and eventually their southbound migration route and wintering grounds. See last year's migration route of an Akimiski Marbled Godwit: http://www.fort.usgs.gov/Resources/GoGodwits/


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