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Projects: 1. Professor Erica Nol (left) of Trent continued her studies of Semipalmated Plovers and Killdeers. 2. Trent graduate student Lisa Pollock (right) is studying the importance of Akimiski Island to migrant and breeding shorebirds. 3. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources surveys migrant shorebirds (species and numbers) daily at high tide. 4. Artificial shorebird nests with quail eggs measure nest depredation as part of Canada-wide project in the north.

1. Importance of Akimiski to Shorebirds

Erica Nol, left, professor at Trent University, advises Lisa Pollock, Master's student on taking mud samples to study invertebrates eaten by shorebirds on Akimiski's northeast shore. 23 May 2008.

Lisa takes mud samples along six transects. 23 May 2008.


2. Long-term study of Semipalmated Plovers and Killdeers

Semipalmated Plover on nest. 6 June 2008.


Banded Semipalmated Plover, same as one above on nest. 6 June 2008.


Banded Semipalmated Plover on 6 June 2008.


Banded Killdeer displaying to another on 28 May 2008.


3. Shorebird Surveys

Ken Abraham and Burke Korol survey northbound migrant shorebird flocks at high tide on 2 June 2008.


4. Artificial Shorebird Nests

Andree holds fresh quail eggs for artificial shorebird nests. 7 June 2008.

Forty artifical nests were set out in suitable shorebird habitat north and south of camp.

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