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Yellow Rail in Carden by Ron Pittaway


Loggerhead Shrike: Why the Carden Alvar? by Ron Pittaway


Commentary: Loggerhead Shrike's Last Stand by Ron Pittaway


Canada Jay Name Change Proposal by Ron Pittaway


MICHEL GOSSELIN - Profile of a Canadian Museum of Nature Ornithologist by Ron Pittaway OFO News October 2017 - PDF


European Herring Gull in Ontario Ontario Birds 20(1): 3-6, April 2002 *NEW ADDITION


Recognizable Bird Forms of Canada PDF


Checklist of Recognizable Forms of Ontario


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Great Gray Owl Observations 2004-2005 OFO News Vol 23 (2): 8-9. June 2005


Owls and Snow OFO News Vol 15 (1): 8. February 1997


Dark Morph Rough-legged Hawks Percentages and Breeding Areas OFO News Vol 24 (2):13 June 2006


How to See and Hear an American Woodcock - adapted from Ron Pittaway's article first published in OFO News Vol 15 (2): 6. June 1997


Hawk Commentary - Ron Pittaway provides an interesting update. OFO News February 2016


Finch Forecaster - interview with Ron Pittaway about his annual Finch Forecast. OFO News February 2016


WINTER FINCH FORECAST 2015-2016 by Ron Pittaway


Subspecies of Common and Hoary Redpolls - fully revised January 2015


Toronto's Heermann's Gull 14 November 1999 to 16 September 2000


Molts and Plumages of Ontario's Heermann's Gull - article in Ontario Birds Vol 19 (2) 65:78. August 2001.


Subspecies of the Palm Warbler. 1995. Ontario Birds 13(1): 23-27. April 1995.


Cassiar Junco OFO News February 2011


Loon ID in Fall and Winter - updated February 2014


Loggerhead and Northern Shrike ID - updated February 2014


Subspecies of the Great Horned Owl in Ontario by Ron Pittaway - updated January 2014


Subspecies of the Horned Lark in Ontario  by Ron Pittaway - updated January 2014


Morphs of the Eastern Screech-Owl - updated January 2014


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Winter Finch Basics


Northern Redtails OFO News 16(1):  4. February 1998


Old and New Names of Ontario Birds - OFO News 24((3): 1-3


Fall Hawkwatching Guide


Small Winter Grebe ID OFO News 16(2): 3


Gull Watching Guide


Southbound Shorebirds


Spring Warbler Migration Guide


Carden Alvar Birding Guide


Do Snowy Owls Have Ear Tufts?


Aging Great Gray Owls


Taxonomic History of Thayer's Gull


Carden Alvar Loggerhead Shrike Wintering in Virginia 2011-2012


Merganser Mystery - February 1998 OFO News


Recognizable Forms: Redpolls


Subspecies and morphs of the Red-tailed Hawk PDF


Lake Ontario Pelagic Trap - Pelagic Birding at Hamilton, Ontario. PDF


Female Goldeneye Bill Colour PDF


Marsh Bird Lockup PDF OFO News 15(3): 8. 1997


Age Duck Tails OFO News 19(3): 1. 2001


Solunar Birding OFO News 22(3) : 1. 2004


Buffy Baldpates OFO News 19(3): 5. 2001


Grass Fire Birds OFO News 19(3): 5. 2001


An Untrustworthy Observer AUK 15, No. 2, 1898 reprinted in OFO News October 2004