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Eastern Bluebird in Carden by Ron Pittaway - November 2019


Canada Jay or Blue Jay: Which is more common? by Ron Pittaway - September 2019


Eastern Towhee in Carden by Ron Pittaway - June 2019


Grasshopper Sparrow in Carden bv Ron Pittaway - May 2019


Common Nighthawk in Carden by Ron Pittaway - April 2019


Cuckoos in Carden by Ron Pittaway - March 2019


Golden-winged Warbler in Carden by Ron Pittaway - February 2019


Eastern Whip-poor-will in Carden by Ron Pittaway - January 2019


Vesper Sparrow in Carden by Ron Pittaway - December 2019


Least Bittern in Carden by Ron Pittaway - November 2019


Red-headed Woodpecker in Carden by Ron Pittaway - October 2019


Sedge Wren in Carden by Ron Pittaway - September 2019


Canada Jay Name Change Proposal OFO News June 2018 - PDF


Upland Sandpiper in Carden


Yellow Rail in Carden


Loggerhead Shrike: Why the Carden Alvar?


Commentary: Loggerhead Shrike's Last Stand


Canada Jay Name Change Proposal


MICHEL GOSSELIN - Profile of a Canadian Museum of Nature Ornithologist OFO News October 2017 - PDF



Winter Finch Forecast 2019-2020


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Winter Finch Basics


Finch Forecaster - interview with Ron Pittaway about his annual Finch Forecast. OFO News February 2016



Cassiar Junco OFO News February 2011


Northern Redtails OFO News 16(1):  4. February 1998


Checklist of Recognizable Forms of Ontario


Morphs of the Eastern Screech-Owl - updated January 2014


Recognizable Bird Forms of Canada PDF


Recognizable Forms Index to Articles


Recognizable Forms: Redpolls


Subspecies and morphs of the Red-tailed Hawk PDF


Subspecies of Common and Hoary Redpolls - fully revised January 2015


Subspecies of the Great Horned Owl in Ontario - updated January 2014


Subspecies of the Horned Lark in Ontario - updated January 2014


Subspecies of the Palm Warbler. 1995. Ontario Birds 13(1): 23-27. April 1995


Dark Morph Rough-legged Hawks Percentages and Breeding Areas OFO News Vol 24 (2): 13. June 2006




Southbound Shorebirds


Spring Warbler Migration Guide


Taxonomic History of Thayer's Gull


Carden Alvar Birding Guide


Gull Watching Guide


Fall Hawkwatching Guide


Hawk Commentary - Ron Pittaway provides an interesting update. OFO News February 2016


Small Winter Grebe ID OFO News 16(2): 3


How to See and Hear an American Woodcock - Updated April 2015


Lake Ontario Pelagic Trap - Pelagic Birding at Hamilton, Ontario. PDF


Loggerhead and Northern Shrike ID - updated February 2014


Loon ID in Fall and Winter - updated February 2014


Age Duck Tails OFO News 19(3): 1. 2001


Aging Great Gray Owls


An Untrustworthy Observer AUK 15, No. 2, 1898 reprinted in OFO News October 2004


Buffy Baldpates OFO News 19(3): 5. 2001


Carden Alvar Loggerhead Shrike Wintering in Virginia 2011-2012


Do Snowy Owls Have Ear Tufts?


European Herring Gull in Ontario Ontario Birds 20(1): 3-6, April 2002


Female Goldeneye Bill Colour PDF


Grass Fire Birds OFO News 19(3): 5. 2001


Great Gray Owl Observations 2004-2005 OFO News Vol 23 (2): 8-9. June 2005


Marsh Bird Lockup PDF OFO News 15(3): 8. 1997


Merganser Mystery - February 1998 OFO News


Molts and Plumages of Ontario's Heermann's Gull - article in Ontario Birds Vol 19 (2) 65:78. August 2001


Toronto's Heermann's Gull 14 November 1999 to 16 September 2000


Old and New Names of Ontario Birds - OFO News 24((3): 1-3


Owls and Snow OFO News Vol 15 (1): 8. February 1997


Solunar Birding OFO News 22(3) : 1. 2004