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Adult Whimbrel on 10 August. We surveyed for shorebirds every day, covering 5 to 10 km of shoreline. Total 23 species for the period.


Molting adult female American Golden-Plover on 10 August.


Juvenile Least Sandpiper on 10 August.


Juvenile Greater Yellowlegs on 12 August.


Adult Semipalmated Plover on 8 August.


Adult Pectoral Sandpiper on 10 August.


Our first juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper on 13 August.


Juvenile Marbled Godwits

Theo and Ross hold two juvenile Marbled Godwits that flew into the banding nets on 13 August. It was an unexpected thrill to see them up close. 13 August.


We examined their fresh, beautifully patterned plumage. These birds likely hatched nearby. An isolated population breeds on southern James Bay. Surprisingly, the James Bay population migrates southwest to the Gulf of California in Mexico.


Ross and Theo released them together.


Marbled Godwits breed in the vast prairie-like coastal marshes.


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