North Point Crew, Camp and Gray (Canada) Jays

We loved our camp Canada Jays. Here Lizzie feeds them leftover pasta, raisins, cranberries, blueberries and more, which they stored. 


Click to see video of Canada Jay


Crew Photos

I thank my crew mates for companionship, good humour and hard work. They are dedicated to shorebird conservation and the James Bay Shorebird Project.

Danielle Hosick working in the lab on invertebrate sampling

Lizzie Moore working in the lab on invertebrate identification



Theo Cull (left) and crew leader Ross Wood heading out to survey

Walter Wehtje doing point counts


Jacqueline Goldstein surveying on the mudflats

Jean Iron with new shorebird hat, a gift from Diane and Kayo Roy.


Lizzie and Jacqueline in front of kitchen cabin. We thank Moose Cree First Nation owners for their cooperation in allowing us to use their comfortable camp.


A friendly camp Canada Jay


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