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Shorebirds - 30 July to 14 August 2016

Bright juvenile Short-billed Dowitcher on 31 July 2017. Click on photo above or this link for VIDEO of Short-billed Dowitchers feeding


Juvenile Stilt Sandpiper on 12 August 2017. V|IDEO: Stilt feeding with Short-billed Dowitchers.


Adult Ruddy Turnstone on 6 August 2017. High count of 279 on 8 August. VIDEO: click on photo above or this link for adult & juvenile Ruddy Turnstones.


Juvenile Ruddy Turnstone on 10 August 2017. We saw our first juvenile turnstone on 7 August 2017.


Adult female American Golden-Plover on 7 August 2017. VIDEO: click photo above or this link.


American Golden-Plover in winter plumage. This may be a first year (year old) bird that molted early into winter plumage. Note lack of a hind toe. Paskwatchi Point on 6 August 2017.


Molting adult Black-bellied Plover on 6 August 2017. Our high count was 112 on 12 and 13 August. Like Whimbrel, Black-bellied Plovers are very wary. Paskwachi Point on 6 August 2017.


Adult Greater Yellowlegs already molted into winter plumage on 10 August 2017 with adult Ruddy Turnstone.


Juvenile Greater Yellowlegs on 8 August 2017


Dan spotted an adult buff-breasted Sandpiper on 11 August 2017. This was our second.


Adult male Wilson's Phalarope on 2 August, with a high count of 6 (5 juveniles, 1 unknown age) on 6 August. A small isolated population breeds in the prairie-like marshes of James Bay.


Juvenile Red-necked Phalarope on 2 August 2017. This was a good year with 8 seen on 10 August.


Mark Dorriesfield was the chief surveyor. VIDEO peeps on the mudflats


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