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Other birds - 30 July to 14 August 2016

Nelson's Sparrow, subspecies alter, feeding young on 13 August 2017. These sparrows love to perch on Spotted Water-Hemlock, which is abundant in the marsh between camp and the coast.


LeConte's Sparrow on fireweed on 3 August 2017. Click on photo above or this link for singing LeConte's Sparrow.


Savannah Sparrow on Wild Sage, Artemisia tilesii, an aromatic herb important to the Cree First Nation. Savannah Sparrows are abundant in the marshes and on the vegetated ridges. 12 August 2017. Thanks to Don Sutherland for Artemisia ID.


Between 1000 and 2000 Black Scoters were off Longridge and Paskwachi Points. This is a major molting site for males. 1 August 2017.


American White Pelicans are a regular sight in southern James Bay. High count of 82 on 6 August.


Molting adult Bonaparte's Gulls at Paskwatchi Point on 8 August when our high count was 1098. There were low numbers of juveniles.


We only saw three Little Gulls. This individual on 10 August was molting into second winter plumage.


We get beautiful rainbows on James Bay. 2 August 2017.


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