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Black Howler Monkey at the Community Baboon Sanctuary. Private landowners work together to provide natural habitat for Black Howler Monkeys, also called Baboons. 27 February 2013


Wildlife watching on the bridge over the Belize River


American Pygmy Kingfisher looking for small fish on the Belize River. 27 February 2013.


White-lined Bat sleeping upside down on a bridge support across the Belize River. 27 February 2013.


Wood Stork near Community Baboon Sanctuary on 27 February 2013


We visited the Belize Zoo and saw many native birds and mammals. These animals have been orphaned, rescued, donated or were born here. Many of us dream seeing a Jaguar in the wild. However, they are nocturnal and very rare, so most of us never will. By seeing them up close at the zoo, the public learns about the need to protect them and their habitats. The Jaguar is the largest cat in the New World and is related to Leopards, Tigers and Lions. Itís the only New World member of this family and is threatened or endangered across its range in Central America. Itís the third largest feline in the world after Tigers and Lions.


Green Iguana on road to Community Baboon Sanctuary. 27 February 2013.


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