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Ocellated Turkey is a special bird of Tikal where they roam the grounds. 3 March 2013.


Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to its cultural values, Tikal is an important area for wildlife.


White-nosed Coati at Tikal


Purple-crowned Fairy at Tikal on 5 March 2013.


Montezuma Oropendolas were building their hanging nests over the access road to Tikal. 3 March 2013.


Barton Creek Cave in Belize

Wearing helmets and lights we prepared to go caving in a canoe. 6 March 2013.


The area is famous for its limestone caves with Mayan artifacts inside.


Access is by canoe on Barton Creek that runs through the cave.


Stalagtites and limestone formations were spectacular.6 March 2013


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