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This ecolodge is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by trees and wildlife. Wonderful ambience.


We watched hummingbirds, orioles, Black Howler Monkeys and more from the patio.


Long-billed Hermit left and Black-cowled Oriole on flowering Erythrina at Pook's Hill Lodge on 8 March 2013. The flowers attracted lots of hummingbirds and orioles.


Black Howler Monkeys fed on fruiting trees near the patio. They were very vocal. 8 March 2013.


This male White-collared Manakin snapped its wings and did a courtship dance in the presence of several female White-collared Manakins. 7 March 2013.


Spectacled Owl put on a great show on 8 March 2013. We saw three at once.


Every evening, nectar-eating bats drank sugar water in the hummingbird feeders. Overnight they emptied the feeders.


This webcam on a trail behind our cabanas at Pook's Hill photographed a mother Jaguar with a cub on 26 February 2013. Very exciting.


Crossing creeks on the nature trails at Pook's Hill Jungle Lodge was fun.

The many trails passed through a variety of habitats and over small creeks and a river.


End of Page 6 and Belize and Guatemala 2013. We had an excellent stay.