Honduras-Canada Trade Mission  12-18 March 2017


Sendero Quetzal, Montaņa Santa Barbara and Los Naranjos - page 5 of 8

eBirding in the rain at Santa Barbara - Oliver Komar compiles the list. 15 March 2017.



Emerald Toucanets continued eating fruit as the rain poured down. Please click on photo for video of toucan eating fruit.


Bushy-crested Jay


Coffee plantations get closer to reserves and national parks.


Ferruginous Pygmy Owl beside the road


White-naped Brush-Finches.


Common Chlorospingus


Blue-crowned Chlorophonia


Los Naranjos

Spot-breasted Oriole at at Parque Los Naranjos on 13 March 2017.


eBird Checklists for Los Naranjos

http://ebird.org/ebird/camerica/view/checklist/S35354278 and http://ebird.org/ebird/camerica/view/checklist/S35354195

We saw many North American overwintering neotropical migrants like this Hooded Warbler at Parque Los Naranjos on 13 March 2017.


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