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Black-tailed Godwit is a spectacular European breeding shorebird and is an Icelandic specialty. Velvet Bells are in the foreground. Skalanes near Seydisfjordur. 26 June 2016. I thank Bjarki Borg■ˇrsson for taking me to the peninsula.


Click here for video of Red-necked Phalarope with Black-tailed Godwit keeking in background


Getting to Skalanes Nature Reserve is an adventure crossing three swiftly-flowing rivers.


European Golden-Plover is another Icelandic specialty. Icelanders are very fond of this bird because its arrival to breed marks the beginning of spring. Near Seydisfjordur on 26 June 2016.


Eurasian Oystercatcher chick is quite advanced. Near Seydisfjordur on 26 June 2016.


Two colour morphs of Parasitic Jaeger (Arctic Skua), a presumed pair. Please see video for courting behaviour.


Click on photo or link for video of these two Parasitic Jaegers displaying to each other.


This young Gyrfalcon couldn't fly. Staff at Skalanes Nature Reserve first thought it hit a fence and injured itself, so were caring for it on 26 June 2016 when I visited. However I learned on 21 July from our guide, Bjarki Borg■ˇrsson, that the Gyrfalcon was very greasy possibly with fulmar vomit and was taken to specialists in Reykjavik for cleaning.

NEWS: 16 October 2016: our Gyrfalcon was released successfully after rehab in Reyjkavik. Here's a link to a video on Facebook: Hope it works. Otherwise please try


Black-legged Kittiwakes on nest cliffs. 26 June 2016.


Click on photo above or link for video of Black-legged Kittiwakes on nest cliff


Common Eider chicks in an incubator. Some were rescued after they roamed away from parent and brood. They are free to return to the ocean when they are ready. They receive a food supplement to keep them healthy. Skalanes on 26 June 2016.


Click on photo or link for Common Eider chicks in incubator and eating food supplement. Skalanes on 26 June 2016.


Baby Common Eiders rest in a circle on the shore at Akureyri on 23 June 2016. An adult was close by, see below. Maybe they are huddling to keep warm.


Adult Common Eider near babies. What an endearing sight!


Female Common Eider caring for young. Near Seydisfjordur on 26 June 2016


After breeding, male Common Eiders gather along the coast. Soon they will be molting.


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