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Galapagos Giant Tortoise at a farm on Santa Cruz on 13 November 2012. Tortoises roam freely on the island, and a local farmer provides access to his property so that we can observe them at close range..


Every evening after dinner, Juan prepared us for the next day's itinerary of adventures.


With small models and a cloth map, Juan explained the geology and origins of life on Galapagos.


Galapagos Short-eared Owls are regular on Genovesa Island. This is an endemic subspecies, Asio flammeus galapagoensis. 15 November 2012.


Nazca Booby with fluffy young on Genovesa. 15 November 2012


Galapagos Dove is found only on Galapagos. Genovesa on 15 November 2012.


Sunbathing Yellow-crowned Night-Heron on Genovesa. I had never before seen this posture. Genovesa on 15 November 2012.


Great Frigatebirds also sunbathed by turning the underside of their wings to face the sun. Genovesa on 15 November 2012


Galapagos Fur Sea feeds mainly at night on fish and squid. Genovesa on 15 November 2012


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