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Brilliantly-coloured Sally Lightfoot Crab contrasts with black lava rock. These crabs are abundant in Galapagos .


Our Quest group. Back: Malcolm, Heather, Jane, Jim, Heather, Agatha, Shelly, Barbara Ann, Irving
Front: Sherri, Migs, Juan, George

Endemic to Galapagos, Lava Gull is the world's rarest gull, with probably fewer than 300 pairs. San Cristobal on 11 November 2012.


Chatham Mockingbird is found only on San Cristobal Island. 11 November 2012


Hood Mockingbird is found only on Espanola and Gardner Islands. It's larger than the other mockingbirds, has long legs and a more down-curved bill. We saw them well on Espanola on 12 November 2012.


Galapagos Mockingbird subspecies bauri on Genovesa on 15 November 2012. Also we saw Galapagos Mockingbird on Santa Cruz, Santa Fe and Santiago.


Striated Heron looks similar to Lava Heron. Santiago Island on 14 November 2012.


A trip highlight was watching a Galapagos Green Sea Turtle finish laying its eggs in the sand, cover them up, then head back to the ocean. Gardiner Bay on Espanola, 12 November 2012.


We almost cheered when it reached the ocean and swam away safely. Gardiner Bay on Espanola. 12 November 2012.


Galapagos Penguin is the only penguin found in the northern hemisphere. One of the smallest penguins in the world, it breeds entirely within the tropics and is endemic to Galapagos. Left: adult. Right: young still with down on its head. Sombrero Chino on 14 November 2012


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