2013 Point Pelee Highlights - Page 2

Blackburnian Warbler on 12 May 2013


Hooded Warbler in Tilden Woods on 5 May 2013


Worm-eating Warbler on Woodland Nature Trail on 15 May.


Kirtland's Warbler on 15 May, seen by many. Found by Barb Charlton and David Bell.


Whip-poor-will south of Tip tram stop on 10 May 2013.


Male Wood Duck on Tilden Wood trail at Point Pelee on 4 May 2013. This male and the female below were together checking out a potential nest cavity.  However they didn't seem to choose, it as they were not seen again at this location.


Female Wood Duck at Tilden Woods on 4 May.

Wild Turkeys displaying in the middle of the road early morning on 17 May 2013 at Point Pelee.

Red-headed Woodpeckers, Swallow-tailed Kite and Loggerhead Shrike at Point Pelee - page 1

Young Killdeer and American Robins at Point Pelee