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Common Redpolls on weedy plants in early winter in Pickering, near Toronto


Subspecies of Common and Hoary Redpolls - fully revised January 2015


Common Redpolls and a Hoary near Keswick, north of Toronto on 6 January 2015


Greater Common Redpolls in Greenland  September 2013


Hoary Redpoll at feeder in Toronto on 5 February 2013 


Hoary and Common Redpolls 2013 - one page showing a Hoary and Common Redpolls at our feeder in Toronto in January 2013


Common Redpolls on European Alder - 29 January 2011


Common Redpolls at a feeder at Uphill near the Carden Alvar on 10 and 14 January 2011


Common Redpolls, Hoary Redpolls, Greater Common Redpolls, three pages of photos at a feeder in Norland, Ontario, 3 January 2008.


Common Redpolls in Toronto December 2007


Redpoll Challenge: "Hornemann's" Hoary Redpoll and "Greater" Common Redpoll 3 pages of redpoll ID including post on Ontbirds and ID-Frontiers


Winter Finch Basics


Redpoll Wing Measurements