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Humboldt Penguins breed on the Ballestas Islands just off the coast of Paracas. This penguin depends on a plentiful supply of small fish in the cold Humboldt Current. It is a species at risk due to declining populations. 31 October 2013.


Viewing seabirds and sea lions from an open boat at the Ballestas Islands.


These islands provide critical breeding habitat for sea lions and tens of thousands of seabirds.


A very large male sea lion with female on the Ballestas Islands. 31 October 2013.


Inca Terns breed on the Ballestas Islands and feed on small fish in the Humboldt Current.


Peruvian Booby at Paracas Beach


Peruvian Pelicans on the Ballestas Islands


Red-legged Cormorant is the rarest of the three cormorants breeding on the Ballestas Islands.


Guanay Cormorants on the Ballestas Islands.


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