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The salt evaporation ponds of Maras in the Sacred Valley predate the time of the Incas. Several hundred ancient ponds are terraced on the side of the mountain. Water soon evaporates in the small shallow ponds, leaving the salt behind, when local owners harvest it into big sacks. 7 November 2013.


A natural stream coming out of the ground has high salt concentrations. To test the salt content, we dipped our fingers in the stream, and as the water dried salt crystals developed on our fingers. We crossed the network of ponds on a narrow trail. This was a very exciting walk, steeped in history.


Blue-and-yellow Tanager at our hotel in Sacred Valley: Posada Del Inca. 7 November 2013.


White-bellied Emerald Hummingbird on the nest at Posada Del Inca Hotel. 7 November 2013.


Andean Gull in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 7 November 2013.


Lomas de Lachay Reserve

Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle at Lomas de Lachay on 11 November 2013.


Located in the foothills, Lomas de Lachay Reserve is about 100 km north of Lima. This green oasis contrasts dramatically with the arid coastal desert along its borders. Plants and animals survive because they derive moisture from heavy mist, especially during the humid season from June to November.


Pair of Burrowing Owls at their burrow. We saw about 12 Burrowing Owls from the access road to the reserve. 11 November 2013.


Hooded Siskin on 11 November 2013.


Mountain Parakeet on 11 November 2013.


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