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Black Skimmers at Paracas Beach on 1 November 2013.


The beach at our hotel bordered Paracas National Reserve, located about 280 km south of Lima. The reserve protects the desert ecosystem, marine life and an abundance of waterbirds.


Shorebirds that breed in the Northern Hemisphere winter at Paracas including large numbers of Semipalmated Sandpipers.


It's a thrill to see Whimbrel from North America wintering in Peru.


Our group was keen to look at birds and other wildlife.


A sharp-eye observer in our group spotted Peruvian Thick-knees in the rubble near Paracas Beach. We saw a pair of this nocturnal shorebird. 1 November 2013.


Gray-hooded Gull at Paracas on 1 November 2013.


Gray-hooded Gull has a dark underwing.


Belcher's Gull at Paracas.


Adult Kelp Gull at Paracas on 31 October 2013.


White-cheeked Pintails on 31 October 2013.


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