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Caurinus Short-billed Dowitchers in worn breeding plumage near Anchorage on 30 June 2011.


Thousands of caurinus Short-billed Dowitchers were on the coast at Westchester Lagoon Park on 29 June 2011


 Caurinus Short-billed Dowitcher in worn breeding plumage at Westchester Lagoon Park on 29 June 2011.


Sandhill Cranes were close to the boardwalk at Westchester Lagoon Park in Anchorage. 29 June 2011


Pacific Loon with young at Goose Lake, a popular Anchorage park, on 30 June 2011.


Gray Jay on trail. An excellent trail system is very close to Anchorage. 1 July 2011.


Gambell's White-crowned Sparrow on 1 July 2011.


Golden-crowned Sparrow on 1 July 2011


Sooty Fox Sparrow, unalaschensis subspecies group, 1 July 2011


We climbed high into the alpine zone to look for high altitude birds on 1 July.


American Pipit feeding young on 1 July.


Fledgling Horned Larks at high altitude on 1 July.


Arctic Ground-Squirrel on 1 July.


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