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Tall bird cliffs teeming with auklets, murres, guillemots, and puffins are on the edge of Gambell. Parakeet Auklet on 6 July 2011. It was raining most of the time, but we saw Gambell's specialties.


Crested Auklet on 6 July 2011


Least Auket on 6 July 2011


While walking, we accidentally flushed a Common Ringed Plover from its nest on the south side of Troutman Lake near Gambell on 6 July 2011. Black breast band and band between eye and bill are wider than Semipalmated Plover; the eye ring is not visible whereas Semipalmated Plover has a noticeable eye ring; the bill is longer and narrower than Semipalmated Plover and white supercilium behind the eye is prominent. We heard it call, which was different from Semipalmated Plover.


Eggs of Common Ringed Plover near Gambell on 6 July 2011


Breeding adult Semipalmated Plovers on 7 July 2011


Breeding adult Rock Sandpiper near Gambell on 6 July 2011


Breeding adult Dunlin near Gambell on 6 July 2011


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