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Molting adult male Spectacled Eider in "eclipse plumage" at Nome on 2 July 2011


Adult Northern Wheatear caring for juvenile below. 4 July 2011


Fledgling Northern Wheatear on the Teller Road near Nome on 4 July 2011.


Northern Wheatears, Black-bellied Plovers, Pacific Golden-Plovers, Western Sandpipers, and Long-tailed Jaegers were in the area of Teller and Wooley Lagoon Road.


Red Foxes were very pale. This one on Teller Road attempted to catch a juvenile Arctic Tern but adult Arctic Terns dive-bombed it and drove it away. 4 July 2011.


Muskoxen are one of the few large mammals that escaped extinction during the last ice age. They spread out over arctic Canada, northwest Greenland and the north coast of Alaska. However, they were wiped out of Alaska during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. To conserve the species, Muskoxen have been reintroduced to Alaska from Canada. In Nome, we saw a herd of about 25 Muskoxen. Photo: 4 July 2011.


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