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Only 58 km from Russia, Gambell is a Yupik community on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea.


Gambell is well-known to birders for Eurasian vagrants, which are often found in the boneyards during spring and fall migration. The boneyards contain the bones of whales and other marine mammals.


We were there during the summer from 5 - 7 July 2011, so the only vagrants were three Pine Siskins in the whale carcasses.


We rented ATVs because there are no cars on Gambell and walking on the gravel is very tough. John Schmelefske (left) and Dave Milsom. 6 July 2011.


Alf Raab drove the ATV and I was the passenger. 6 July 2011.


Glaucous Gulls at a whale carcass on 7 July 2011


Glaucous Gulls on 7 July.


Adult Vega Gull in breeding plumage at Gambell on 7 July 2011


Walrusses hanging


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