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On a lava field in the west our guide spotted this male Rock Ptarmigan still with much winter white plumage. It blended in well with the Grey Moss covering the spikey lava. 28 June 2017. It was with the female below.


Female Rock Ptarmigan on 28 June 2017.


Male Rock Ptarmigan on lookout duty. 28 June 2017


This juvenile Northern Wheatear has just fledged. It will migrate to West Africa for the winter. 28 June 2017.


Northern Wheatears like rocky ground and lava fields. Here is the watchful parent of the juvenile above. 28 July 2017.


Our guide, Trausti points to the inconspicuous and difficult-to-find Coralroot Orchid corallorhiza trifida, which is barely 15 cm tall and grows in nutrient-poor soils.


Easily overlooked, the Coralroot Orchid is best photographed by getting right down to it. 28 June 2017.


Arctic Poppy in some places grows on the gravel and rocky outcrops near the main road. 29 June 2017.


Alpine Catchfly Lake Myvatn area on 2 July 2017.


Gray Moss racometrium lanuginosum colonizes lava fields. 28 June 2017.


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