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European Shorebirds

Black-tailed Godwit adult with chick on Snaefellesnes Peninsula on 29 June 2017. A big reason to visit Iceland is for close views of European shorebirds.


European Golden-Plover on Gray Moss. European Golden-Plovers nest in tundra like habitats, but it's not tundra. After seeing them in Iceland the colouring of their upperparts is perfect camouflage with the mossy landscape. South Coast lava flow on 6 July 2017


Click for video: Common Ringed Plover at Hveravellir Hot Springs in the middle of the highlands of Iceland.

This famous geothermal area has smoking fumaroles, hot pools, and hot water bursting from holes in the earth. A Common Ringed Plover with its feet in hot water was feeding near one of the bubbling hot water springs. A close up shows the abundance of flies it was feasting on. 4 July 2017.


European Oystercatcher on Flatey Island. 30 June 2017.


Purple Sandpipers on the coast on Flatey Island on 20 June 2017.


Common Redshanks were breeding everywhere. They are attentive and wary parents, always watching out for their young. Hrisey Island on 3 July 2017.


Juvenile Common Redshank on Flatey Island on 30 June 2017


Red-necked Phalarope is a common breeder in Iceland. They are numerous and easy to see on Flatey Island. 30 June 2017.


Every day we saw and heard Common Snipe doing aerial displays and being cryptic on the ground. Similar to our Wilson's Snipe in North America, they often posed on fence posts. Reykjavik on 26 June 2017.


Whimbrel were a common breeder in Iceland. This individual was breeding on Hrisey Island where the heathland looks very much like tundra. 3 July 2017.


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